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VISA Process Assistance

Applying for a visa is one of the most critical and perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of your preparations for overseas studies. Therefore, for this aspect, most students tend to seek guidance.

Keeping this in mind, Edoofa assists all its students with the VISA application process completely free of cost. Edoofa follows the norms laid down by authorities such as the Embassy and Indian Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

Edoofa helps its students with their application and in making sure that the right documents from the University reach the Embassy at the right time and the VISA process runs smoothly. The student pays directly to the Embassy for the VISA application. The VISA fee varies from country to country. Students also have to pay for their travel and visa extension fees (if applicable).


What is a Student VISA? why it is required?

A student visa is a special endorsement that is added to a passport that governments issue to students who are enrolled at qualified educational institutions. Student visas are non-immigrant visas that do not require the holder to obtain citizenship. Any prospective student seeking higher education in another country must obtain a student visa for that country.


When should you apply for your Student VISA?

One can begin with their student visa application once they have received a confirmation of  enrolment from the university. It’s best to apply as early as possible, regardless of when the program is due to start, as the time taken for the visa to process varies across the world.


How does Edoofa help with your VISA application?

If you’re an Edoofian with an offer letter from any of our campuses, we advise you on how to go about the entire process. We make sure you are fully informed on the latest visa requirements and conditions, and also help you prepare the right documents for your submission. Our Admission officers will also provide you with an important checklist and help you prepare for visa interviews if needed.

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