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Edoofa Cycle

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We understand the importance of quality yet affordable education and our scholarship program has been designed keeping the same in mind. Most people assume scholarship is a charity being distributed which is contrary to the whole concept of a scholarship. It is extremely important we understand the current scholarship scenario in the country.A fully funded scholarship is every African student’s dream, but continuous academic excellence is one of the most significant criteria for fully funded scholarships and only a handful of exceptionally meritorious students meet that. 

Keeping all this in mind , Edoofa has created a process constituting of seven steps. At each step, Edoofa assists a student in different roles. 

The journey of an Edoofian can be summarized in following steps:

Step 1- THE DileMma

Students who are very serious about their careers understand that jobs today are not in line with the expectations that they have. They are often very confused about a lot of factors. These factors being what they want to study, which country they will go to, how much it will cost them, will they get a scholarship if they deserve it, will they be able to adjust in a new country. Edoofa understands these problems.

1 Dilema.jpg

Step 2 - Interaction with edoofa

Anhad Edutrain is a social for-profit institution in India which has been associated with higher education for more than ten years. Through Edoofa, a program by Anhad Edutrain , we are able to guide each student thoroughly. Edoofa is designed to solve these problems - the lack of affordability of quality education, accessibility to the right information and employability outcomes of graduates - that have plagued the education system. All our students have one common goal: to achieve their dreams and Edoofa helps in achieving those by staying throughout your 3-5 years of your academic life.

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Step 3- Registration and counselling

After a student registers here, they are connected to our expert counselors. Our counselors have guided tens of thousands of students in the past. They give expert guidance to all the students on career options, skill development, study abroad requirements and preparation with no bias on the candidate's social profile. It is completely free for all the applicants irrespective of their candidature.

3  counseling.jpg

Step 4- Interviews for Edoofa program

After the counseling sessions, our team of expert academicians interviews the students to find out if he/she is eligible for $7 million scholarship fund. Edoofa has a rejection rate of 70% because we ensure we select the best based on their attitude, passion for education and eagerness to learn and implement.

4 Interviews.jpg

Step 5- Acceptance and scholarship

If selected after the interview, students receive an acceptance letter. On paying the program fee in accordance to the round of application, they are guided through the application process for the universities they can apply to. Edoofa helps in working on the Statement-of-Purpose and other documentation. After the student receives the Letter of Intent(LOI) from the campus, he/she is required to pay a registration fee of 500-750 USD which will be adjusted with the overall fees of 2000-3000USD as an EDOOFIAN is entitled to get those benefits.

5 Acceptance.jpg

Step 6- travelling to India

This is a very difficult step, but the most fruitful one. Leaving your mother country to go to another is a huge milestone. However, India is an accepting country which is very rich in culture. It is very easy to make India your home. Meantime, through our unique SLC program , we make sure that we prepare all the Edoofians by giving them a good knowledge of Indian culture before their arrival to India. 

6 travel to india.jpg

Step 7- Graduation

An Edoofian graduates with skills to get him/her a job in the industry that he is passionate about. There are a lot of job opportunities available for him/her because he/she will be trained and educated with the best of resources.

Our SEELS program aims to provide maximum opportunities to make a student industry-ready by offering live projects throughout their academic journey.

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