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How EWYL Works


In a typical institute, you study first, then crack the interview and get a job. With EWYL you start earning on the first day and by the time you finish the degree, you not only gain theoretical but also practical knowledge. We believe higher education should not only be affordable but also be outcome-driven, opening doors for more professional opportunities.

Under EWYL, the students are required to put in extra hours after college in learning the important skills required to excel in their professional lives. When a student becomes a part of Edoofa, they graduate with not just enough knowledge about their course but also learn how to put that knowledge into use professionally.

With EWYL, students not only learn the skills but also earn for learning. The earning here is defined in terms of recommendations, scholarship credits, industrial exposure, an experience that prepares them for life after college and skills to excel during that period. Every MNC and corporate in the present times is looking for individuals who are thoroughly prepared for the challenges that professional life throws at them. All these employers seem to have a slight inclination towards students who already have a taste of the work environment and prioritize students who have acquired the required skills not only by reading about them but also sharpening them in the process.

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