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Our Vision for Edoofians

Over the past 6 years, after counseling tens of thousands of students, we’ve really gone in-depth, in understanding the problems that students face. We’ve gone above & beyond to ensure that Edoofians in India have a spectacular experience. Edoofa Program removes every obstacle standing between you and your dreams.

Throughout our network of higher education institutions, colleges and universities, we share a mission to make quality higher education accessible and affordable, so more and more students can pursue their dreams. 

We want to make higher education affordable for you. With quality education in India, we want to transform you into a person who is so strong in knowledge that he/she becomes better than their peers. Coupled with the Earn While you Learn program, we want to make you employable, getting you equipped with all the skills which today’s industry needs, so that when you return to your country, you’ve got more number of opportunities chasing you as compared to your peers and so that you  can add value to your country’s development and growth.

Following 3 aspects of Edoofa ensure that you become a winner in life -

Knowledge- which comes from education and your internationally recognized degree will be proof of that. Edoofians are well equipped to be the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow in Africa’s development

Skills- is what you’ll acquire through learning & working harder. These are 21st-century skills that are necessary to be relevant in industries ranging from banking, agriculture, hospitality to education, healthcare and practically any and every domain of work. All Edoofians are prepared for not only the jobs of today but of the future as well.

Attitude- is the reflection of the person you’ll become after all these experiences. All Edoofians are instilled with a positive attitude ready to face the challenges of the competitive job markets through a life-long learning approach.

We have carefully observed and identified a huge opportunity in Africa. In the coming years, Africa is well positioned to reap the benefits of a demographic dividend where it will have a large working class population (the largest in the world) and if we can properly harness that big number by making the youth employable, Africa too will benefit from this economic phenomenon of demographic dividend just like the countries of Japan and US have in the previous century and India and China are currently doing. We just have to replicate that with Africa.

However the other big challenge of this population being able to afford quality education had to be addressed. Therefore Edoofa has worked wonders by getting the $10 million scholarship fund through securing 2100 seats from Indian universities for meritorious and eligible Edoofa candidates.

Over the next decade, Africa will have the the highest number of youth in the world. This creates serious demands for leaders in every industry. Edoofa graduates, in the next few years will be on the forefront of this youth population- able & capable of solving big problems, working in great jobs in different industries, serving their countries and making it a better economy. And doing well, not just financially, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and creating a better life for their friends & family. That’s our vision for you!!

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