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Experience for us too

Being a counselor is not a job for us, it is a service that we enjoy doing. Every student interaction for us is a chance to open new avenues of higher education for someone and that in itself is a very rewarding experience.


Jyotishman Chakraborty

Every student of ours is a unique individual with different needs and requirements. We, on our part,
leave no stone unturned, to ensure that the student settles in fully and comfortably.


Arindam Dutta

We understand the challenges a student faces in moving from their homes to a different country.
Therefore, we stay in constant touch with all the Edoofians, through every step of the way, ranging from VISA application to EWYL. We stick with them through thick and thin and that is what has helped us gain the trust of students.


Nidhi Bhansali

We are always working toward a collaborative goal of making the students feel at home and at peace. Our EWYL bores so well with the students that they work not only to earn scholarship credits but to learn and gain a bigger perspective of the industry they ultimately want to get in. 


Davinder Kaur

At Edoofa, we are working towards building a community of people who are ready to take on the
professional world, as soon as they graduate. A community of people who are ready to lead, and with every little step that we take, this community gets bigger and stronger.


Deepali Nankani

At Edoofa, we strive everyday to encourage and promote every student’s unique talent. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing this work in the favor of our students. It is a very elating feeling to see our students get more skilled, employable and ready to head out in the professional world.

Jasmeet Singh_edited.jpg

Jasmeet Singh

I can proudly announce that I am still in touch with all my students or as we like to call them "Ex- Edoofians", and it makes us all so proud to see how well they are doing professionally. It only lends weight to the fact that we are on the right track with our guidance and mentorship.

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