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Earn While you Learn (EWYL) Program

Edoofa has established itself as a premier institution with seats secured from the best Indian colleges and is trusted for its employability outcomes. We at Edoofa have a long term vision for our students. We want our students to not only get the best education but we also prepare them for the professional challenges that come afterwards. By introducing our coveted Earn While You Learn(EWYL) program, we make sure the students are not only prepared to take on professional challenges theoretically but also practically.

We believe students shouldn't just learn theory but also should gain real world experience ; and the
employers agree. That is why they help us in designing a curriculum that has a more hands-on
learning approach for the students. This helps students pick up job skills needed to be employable
in today’s date and time. Earning while you are learning is an opportunity very few institutes
provide. With Edoofa’s EWYL one can get a lot of experience during their studies. The EWYL
program is basically designed to bridge the gap between college education and professional skills
required for the commercial sector.

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