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About Edoofa

Anhad Edutrain Solutions Private Limited (AESPL) (Estd.2009), is a fast-growing, diversified education and training services provider aiming to solve the problem of access to and quality of higher education and employability through our Edoofa Program.


Our Founders Mr.Angad Singh(Director &CEO) and Mr.Avreen Singh(Director) have gained vast domain knowledge and deep business acumen while working in this sector (Higher/Employability Education) over the last eleven years working with some of the largest universities in India along with strong network in International (ILO) and Govt.bodies in Bhutan,Ghana,Zimbabwe  that has led us to great success all across Africa and the Indian Sub Continent.

We at Edoofa believe that University education should be affordable, accessible and should lead to employment. Edoofa has found its home in some of the best educational institutions of India imparting quality education to all its students.

We understand that going to a university is a life-changing experience, and at Edoofa we aim to provide a first-class experience for our students. Here, the students not only get the chance to experience some very good facilities but they also apply their minds in different fields. Every moment that the students spend on campus helps them in shaping a  bright future and developing the skill sets that employers demand. We are able to achieve this by helping our Edoofians overcome the problems of high cost and lack of employability in Education through the prestigious Edoofa Program.

While these problems of high cost of college education and low employability have affected most students in developed countries, these problems are even more acute in countries in Africa and parts of Asia where deserving students are ignored and overlooked. Therefore, we welcome students from Africa and SAARC countries with open arms, giving them the opportunities they deserve.


Every year more than 300,000 African students move out of their country for studies and only a very few of these students are funded or given scholarships by government bodies to pursue their programs abroad. However, through the famed Edoofa program, Edoofa has reserved seats with Indian universities and colleges for selected students who as a part of the Edoofa program are offered scholarships ranging from 50-100% of their tuition fees. 


These scholarships are reserved for selected Edoofa students who are offered a specialized employability program wherein they are engaged in live projects and internships alongside their college degree programs. By subsidizing their cost, Edoofa's campus partners encourage these chosen Edoofians to focus on building the relevant skills that are necessary to succeed in today's workplace through Edoofa's Earn While You Learn program.  


Through our network of higher education institutions, colleges and universities, we share an aim to make quality higher education accessible, affordable and most importantly employment oriented so that more and more students can pursue their dreams. 


Our sole mission is to provide a scholarly and professional environment to all our students that motivates them to make lasting contributions to the society and become future leaders, both in the workplace and societies across the world.

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