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Earn While you Learn (EWYL) Program

We've been working in the African Market for the past 2 years, and after counseling literally TENS of THOUSANDS of students, we've understood the problems which students face. You know, employment and getting a job is one of the biggest problems in Africa.


Edoofa is an organization whose vision is not just to get you admission in a prestigious university, Edoofa stays with you for the course of your academic life (3-5 years).

 Excelling with ASK


In today’s age, where job roles are getting elaborately redefined, it is pertinent that job seekers stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. And the best way to stay abreast of all the developments is to be a part of them. This not only ensures that the student receives a realistic picture of the happenings but also helps in developing an adaptable Attitude to stay sanguine in the face of ambiguity.

In addition to that, upskilling on a regular basis has become a norm. Working on EWYL Projects gives our students a much-needed edge in the competitive job market, by imbibing in them the Skills needed to perform and perform well.

Also, by catering to the projects of a wide plethora of organizations, our students acquire the much sought after Knowledge, which in turn makes them more employment ready. 

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