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Eligibility Check Form

Please fill this form to check your eligibility for Edoofa selection process. Upon its successful completion, you will receive a feedback e-mail and if you are found eligible, one of our counselors will contact you.
NOTE: Nigerian students with only NECO Grades are not eligible. However, students with WAEC along with NECO are eligible.

Full Name


Whatsapp Number

Guardian Contact No.




Your expectations from Edoofa?(Minimum 150 Characters)

Program interested in


Brief description of your family background(Minimum 150 characters)


“We look at the overall performance of the student” -Mrs . Guneet

“When it comes to academics, it is important to have a competitive GPA. However, we also consider how challenging your course load and school were. Along with how well you did in those courses.”


“We look at what sets you apart” - Mr. Arindam Dutta

“When looking at a scholarship application, we look for features that make it stand out,
things like personality or a unique voice. We want to hear about what makes your
school experience special or what separates you from other applicants.”

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-05 at

"It is the passion for academics that we look for" - Mr. Ahonab

“As an educator, we want to understand you. The more we know about how you spend your time, the better. Do you work, volunteer, play sports or an instrument? Also, does the presentation of your application show attention to detail and seriousness? The details really matter!”

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